14th African Film Festival in Cologne: ‘Sisters in African Cinema’

The 2016 African Film Festival in Cologne Investigates the Role of African Women in African Film

September 16th, 2016
Myron Kanter-Bax, CD News
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The African Film Festival in Cologne, organized by FilmInitiativ Koln e.V., will take place from the 15th - 25th September 2016. The festival focusses on ‘Sisters in African Cinema’, with over 30 filmmakers of African origin and 83 films.

The 14th Cologne African Film Festival, the biggest African cinema festival in Germany, is organized by FilmInitiativ Koln e.V. and is scheduled to take place from 15th - 25th September 2016.

During the 11 days of the festival, the audience will have the opportunity to experience modern African cinema at the festival’s five partner cinemas in Cologne. 

83 films are listed in the official schedule, providing filmmakers of African origin with the opportunity to introduce their work to the German public. The festival’s screenings will include award-winning films and documentaries from Africa’s major film festivals in Ouagadougou, Tunis, Durban and Zanzibar, as well as new releases from the African Diaspora.

Among the festival’s distinguished guests will be 30 African filmmakers who will speak personally in panel discussions, which will be held after the screenings.

Τhis year’s festival is entitled ‘Sisters in African Cinema’. The thematic focus of the festival aims to provide an insight into the role of women within African societies as well as the contribution of African women to the film industry.

A podium discussion on ‘Sisters in African Cinema’ will be held, moderated by the American author and professor Beti Ellerson. Female directors from South Africa, Tunisia, Cameroon and Kenya will also participate. In addition, three live music acts, an exhibition, a reading and screenings for schools and children will complement the festival’s program.

A detailed program of the festival can be found on the website:


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