2016 Dialogue Academy for Young Women

The OSCE is Organizing a Dialogue Academy for Young Women as Part of the ‘Follow Us’ Initiative

June 14th, 2016

The OSCE Mission in Kosovo and the OSCE Mission to Serbia, are organizing the Dialogue Academy for Young Women as a part of the Follow Us initiative. The initiative gathers prominent women from politics, academia, media and civil society from Belgrade and Prishtinë.

Since 2012, the OSCE has supported the “Budva Process”, which brings together women in the fields of politics, media, academia, and civil society. The goal is to advance contact and discussion, enhance relationships and to identify potential actions that both groups can jointly undertake to empower women in their respective communities.

One such action was agreed upon in October 2014 – to establish a Dialogue Academy for 20 young women from both societies. During the 5th meeting in Belgrade, the “Budva Process” was renamed as the “Follow Us” initiative, which is also the title of a documentary, featuring distinguished women from Serbia and Kosovo. The purpose of the Dialogue Academy is to empower women by educating them on issues relating to women’s role in promoting dialogue, reconciliation and co-operation.

This year, 24 female students of social science and young professionals in the areas of media, politics, and civil society will be attending the Academy programme from 30 September to 9 October 2016, organized at the Peace Castle Schlaining, Austria. 

The Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution was founded in September 1982 as an independent, non-profit and non-partisan organisation. It aims to contribute to the promotion of peace and peaceful conflict resolution and to the dissemination of practical ideas for peace, including its developmental and environmental aspects. In order to carry out these tasks, the Centre conducts and evaluates research in line with its objectives, engages in training and education, and conducts scientific courses. It also publishes several periodicals dealing with peace issues. 

Graduates from this year's Academy will become Dialogue alumni and are expected to create their own alumni network which will enable them to design and implement joint projects, following the example of the 2015 OSCE Dialogue Academy alumni.

The deadline for application is 27 June 2016, and you can apply following this link:


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