2017 to be Columbia-France Year

“The Columbia-France Year 2017” is a bilateral program of educational, cultural, economic and environmental exchange

September 15th, 2016
Andrea Stretea, CD News

The two countries announced the implementation, from next year, of the most ambitious cooperation program they have undertaken so far. The program will concern different areas including cultural, artistic, scientific, commercial, academic and sport exchanges.

 An exceptional historical moment of dynamic exchange which will strengthen cultural and economical ties, to open new fields for cooperation and highlight the strengths of each nation – this is what the Colombia-France Year, which will take place in 2017, is aiming to achieve. The program was announced on July 14th, Bastille Day, during a press conference held at the Colon Theatre in Bogota, in the presence of the Minister of Culture, Mariana Garcés Córdoba.

 Culture Minister, Mariana Garces Cordoba, began her speech at the press conference by congratulating France in the commemoration Bastille Day. "I send a very special greeting to this country. It is very symbolic to have chosen this day to make the presentation of the official presentation of Colombia-France Year 2017. For the Colombian Government, through the Foreign Ministry and the Ministries of Education, Trade and Culture, this will be one of the most important events that we will have in 2017. With our team composed of different areas of the Colombian government, we have been building, together with the French team, a program that is interesting and attractive to the public in both countries.”

 This project is part of the so-called 'cross Seasons' that France has carried out in cooperation with different countries, recognised worldwide as a project of excellence in terms of bilateral cooperation. Colombia-France Year 2017 is the first cross season organised in Latin America, following the success of France-Brazil Year in 2009.

 The decision to organise the Colombia-France Year 2017 was taken in January 2015 by the Presidents of France and Colombia, François Hollande and Juan Manuel Santos, during the official visit to Paris of the Colombian president.

 The peace process in Colombia, which should lead to the signing of an agreement in 2016, has already produced a clear improvement in the internal situation and a desire for openness. The Colombia-France Year 2017 aims to accompany this profound transformation and Colombia’s efforts in international projection, in order to adjust and improve its image, both in France and Europe.  

 France already enjoys significant advantages in Colombia: a major economic presence (150 companies); a good political relationship (Colombian support for the COP 21); excellent cultural image; a network of 12 French Alliances (the 2nd worldwide after Brazil); and 130 university cooperation agreements. Through the Colombia-France Year the French hope to update the image of France overseas and enhance their experience in Colombia.

 The program for the year covers all sectors (culture, universities, research, economy, trade, gastronomy, tourism, sport) and will include the major cities of France and Colombia. It favors the creation of sustainable partnerships between France and Colombia, as well as the serious involvement of local authorities and businesses.


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