An Action Plan for Libya’s Heritage will be Carried out by Key Libyan and International Partners

Libyan and international partners come together to adopt an action plan for the heritage of Libya

May 17th, 2016

The main partners of UNESCO joined with the Organization to approve a new action plan to address emergency and short-term response for safeguarding the cultural heritage of Libya after an international meeting of experts from three days the capital of Tunisia.

The main partners of UNESCO met in order to approve a new plan of action to safeguard the cultural heritage of Libya, through interventions and emergency and short term measures. Everything was organized with the support of the US Embassy in Libya and in close cooperation with the Department of Antiquities of Libya, several Libyan institutions, UNESCO and ICCROM.

More than 80 Participants Attended the meeting "Safeguarding Libyan Cultural Heritage," among them Representatives from the Ministry of Culture of Libya, Local various offices of the Department of Antiquities, the Historic Cities Authority, the National Archives in Tripoli, the Directorate of Customs, Tourist and Antiquities Police, the criminal investigative police, universities, the Intangible Heritage Centre in Saba, and the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides of Libya. All participants agreed to establish measures in the medium and long term to preserve the cultural heritage of the country, participating with the same reasons as the national and international actors. These plans include archaeological sites, museums and urban heritage. Other participants were partners of institutions such as UNESCO INTERPOL, the World Customs Organization, UNITAR / UNOSAT, ICOMOS, ICOM, ALECSO, the World Bank, the Smithsonian Institution, the Prince Claus Fund, among others.

Among other topics discussed were supporting the humanitarian response, expanding dialogue, social cohesion and the humanitarian response.


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Carlota Auzmendi, CD News