The Hon. Yaw Shin Leong (Member of Singaporean Parliament)

15.09.2011 - Interview conducted by Adel Raslan

Q1. Where do you see China in twenty years time?

The rise of China is a certainty, as we can see in terms of the economy. Twenty years from now, many things can happen. If China remains on course and keeps doing what it is doing now, it could be one of the Worlds largest economies; in fact it already is the worlds second largest economy. So, in twenty years time, assuming there is peace, prosperity and stability, China should be the Worlds largest economy by then.

Q2. What can China offer the world that The US can’t?

China con offers the world much. As a matter of Fact, China is the world’s largest factory. A lot of international firms produce for the world in China. China will also develop into the worlds largest consumer markets. From that perspective, China is five times bigger than the USA, if not six times bigger regarding the size of the population. China has lots to offer to the World.

Q3. Leading experts in the UK state that it should give up on industry and focus on invention. Should countries like the UK admit defeat or will lack of competition change the course of Chinas growth?

Invention, innovation, creativity all comes hand in hand and is a cultural process. It cannot come over night. In time, China will also have to develop a culture of innovation to move on from heavy industry and light manufacturing.

Q4. Who do you think should pay for the carbon capture system in China? The UK, for instance, is interested in this area.

We need to look at this from multiple levels, the central government, the federal government, the local government should have some accountability and a sense of state ownership in this regard, and the emissions are associated with the private sector and possibly even the people, these are all the potential actors that need to develop a sense of responsibility for carbon emissions