Argentina Embraces the International Literature Festival in Berlin

The International Literature Festival Welcomes Latin American Authors to be the Voices of their Nations

September 19th, 2016
Giulia G. Angelini, CD News

The 16th Literature Festival in Berlin opened on 7th September with debut performances by various artists from the world. The event is dedicated to poetry and prose, and includes a selection of international authors. The festival lasts until 17th September and offers the opportunity of being part of an international cultural exchange between Germany and the world.

The festival aims to create understanding and awareness about political communication through the use of culture in the form of literature. Latin America will be represented by exponents such as César Aira and Selva Almada.

The readings and workshops organized by the International Literature Festival aim to promote democracy. The region of Latin America has long had issues related to democracy and populism, but now authors from Latin America are embracing the opportunity to participate in this major festival and be the voice of their nations in Berlin.

César Aira is an Argentinian writer and exponent of contemporary literature in Argentina. Aira is a translator, editor and professor at the University of Buenos Aires. He is well-known in Latin America for writing about issues on his native country. Aira’s essay ‘Duchamp in Mexico’ will be presented in this year’s literature festival, accompanied by a musical performance of ‘16 strings’ and a simultaneous translation in German.

Reading the work in its original language, Spanish, followed by a German translation creates a cultural exchange.

Another author representing Argentina in this festival is Selva Almada. The works of both César Aira and Selva Almada focus on their native country. The Spanish newspaper ‘el País’ has described Almada as “one of the most promising voices in contemporary Latin American literature”. In the literature festival, Almada will present ‘Sengender Wind’ (Torrid Wind), a novel about different character clashes in Argentina: a nation with a multitude of identities.


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