Bavaria Embraces Ukrainian Art and Culture

The Ukrainian Evening at Schloss Nymphenburg showcased artistic talent and tradition

July 21st, 2016
Daniel Erhardt, CD News

The Ukrainian General Consulate in the city of Munich organized an artistic and cultural evening promoting the work of Ukrainian artists, the country’s culture and traditions last Thursday, July 7th. The gathering was placed in the wonderful Neoclassical setting of the Hubertussaal of the Nymphenburg Palace and featured the presentation of Ukrainian painting, fashion, gastronomy and music, all inspired by Ukrainian folk and traditions.

The event was attended by a number of diplomats, the members of the Diplomatic Ladies’ Club and representatives of the press. Among the publications represented were the “Diplomatic Magazine”, as well as the local magazine “Bei Uns in Bayern” (“With Us in Bavaria”).

The evening had a gastronomic start with the presentation of the Ukrainian cookbook “Ukraine kocht” (“Ukraine cooks”) by chef Denis Kolesnikov. It presents traditional Ukrainian dishes, but also gives a comprehensive insider cultural view of the regions where the dishes stem from, including photographic illustrations of their landscapes and traditional folk costumes; inviting the reader to discover the country's cultural diversity.

Also, it is interesting to note the cultural connection the dishes featured in the book establish with the German cuisine; as some dishes are correspondant to those found in the Bavarian-Swabian traditional gastronomy, such as meat and bread balls (Knödel) or crêpes filled with minced meat.

Next, the painting exhibition named „Vinok“ („Floral Wreath“) by artist Ola Rondyak and under the patronage of the spouse of the General Consul of the Republic of Ukraine in Munich, Olesia Kostiuk; was opened.

It was highlighted that the Ukrainian floral wreath (central element of the paintings exhibited), in addition to being a women's ornament present in the country's traditional culture since the time of pagan Slavic tribes; has also become, especially recently, a symbol for the country's culture itself, as well as its strive for freedom.

This opening was accompanied by the musical performance of the bandura-player Danylo Nosko, featuring famous Ukrainian folk-songs. The bandura is an instrument similar to the lute, played in Ukrainian folk-music since the Middle Ages.

The evening ended with a fashion show of the folk-inspired last collection by Ukranian designer Oksana Polonets. The collection is based on the embroidered shirt „Vyshyvanka“, part of the Ukrainian national costume, used in female and male shirts, dresses and other items.

In addition, a master-class workshop of the art of decorating Ukrainian Easter Eggs („Pysanka“) with complex floral, calligraphic and geometric patterns using a wax-resist (batik) method was also on display. The showcase was performed on behalf of the artists Nadia and Olga Halaburda.

Music was also present throughout the whole event, thanks to the talent of the artists Viktor Andiichenko on the violin; Olexandr Bochkarov, Volodymyr Matchyn and Karina Rumyanova performing acoustic lounge music and Yaroslava Yarkina on the bandura.

The evening proved to be a complete and successful exhibition of the very best of the Ukrainian cultural heritage, as it attracted an audience of more than 500 guests, willing to discover all the elements of this neighbouring country of the EU.


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