Black Movie Summer Festival

The Afro-descending film festival enlivens Paris once again

August 10th, 2017
Ioana Bolboacă, CD News
2017_08_10 Black Movie Summer Festival.jpg

Since 2010, French people and guests from all origins have the chance to rediscover Africa every summer through a rich and varied cinema program, held in unusual places of the capital. The event has already started and this year the festival is for the first time being held in the open air.


The festival honours the cinema of Afro-descendant by proposing different themes each time. This year, the festival started on the 5th of August and it will take place each weekend until the 27th of August. It features a wide selection of short films projected in a cosy atmosphere, inviting people to share and discover cultures as well as African cuisine, while relaxing under the sky.

The theme of this year is “La Rayouaté” (The Royalty), as the movies go back to presenting the mythological kings and queens of Africa and showing the contemporary cultural heritage. In fact, each weekend of the festival presents a specific thematic in order to create a complex image of the African culture from its roots.

Thus, the movies of the first weekend presented the royal mythological ancestry of Africa, suggesting that power goes beyond politics to the super-power of a king. As a continuation, the coming weekend will feature movies expressing the transmission and heritage of the mythological African origins in terms of culture – African literature, dance, music, and customs.

Finally, the last weekends will include outstanding subjects through the movies prepared for the audience, allowing people surpass their understanding of their culture and of the world. Therefore, the festival aims to show the African cultural path from the beginning up to the present realities. It is all about underlying how the forgotten heritages find their place in the nowadays life, while connecting people belonging to different cultures and having different visions.


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