Bridges are Being Created with the Exhibition "CUBAHORA: (Art)xiomas la Siguiente Generacion" in Washington D.C.

Cuban Art Go on Exhibition at the OAS with a Project Promoted by the OAS and the Embassy of Spain in Havana

July 25th, 2016
Iñaqui Gonzalez, CD News

Cuban visual art lands in the US capital with the purpose of weaving bridges with a pioneering exhibition. Unprecedented since the revolution, this is part of the normalization of relations between the two countries.

The Art Museum of America opened the first full exhibition entitled “Art)xiomas: CUBAAHORA: the next generation” by Cuban artists living in Cuba who are coming to the United States to present their artistic talents.

The curator of the show, Gabriela Garcia Azcuy explained during the opening day that the exhibition of visual art weaves bridges of dialogue between Cuba and the United States. "We are facing a new generation of artists who are ruled by new paradigms", which for Garcia Azcuy is an axiom, a truth based on facts that speak for themselves.

The exhibition, which it is the expanded version of a collection that was designed in the Spanish Cultural Center in Miami in November 2015, will be on display until August 7.

The differential value that unites this new generation of artists is that by being "so politically saturated", they decided to dedicate over more on themselves, said the curator of Cuban origin. The exhibition "reflects the transformation of Cuban society" that is more globalized and more connected to the outside world.

The “work is bold yet intimate, sometimes offering wry commentaries on current events without being overtly or dogmatically political” says curator Gabriela García Azcuy. This generation of Cuban artists experienced growing up in Cuba following the collapse of the Soviet Union. All the artists and performers graduated from Cuba’s prestigious University of the Arts.

They were able to travel and experience international art circles and the international art market at a time when once-forbidden galleries are beginning to thrive in Cuba. The artists work with materials and technologies that were previously unavailable on the island such as 3D printers and special resins.


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