Bringing African customs into Mexico

“Africa and its diaspora,” organized as part of the International Decade in Oaxaca, concludes in Cuajinicuilapa

July 15th, 2016
C.M, CD News

The event, “Africa and its diaspora,” was organized by the Social and Productive Development of the Indigenous People and African Descendant Organization and counted important international leaders among its attendees.

The event took place in the municipality of Puerto Escondido. Diplomats from Africa and Latin America, in addition to representatives of the Federal Government and hosts, attended the event. All the participants strengthened and connected bonds and recognized the advances made on the agenda of the decade established by the United Nations Organization.

Isidoro Ramirez López, President of Socpinda and Antonio Yelpo, president of the Chilean Studio Centre for Popular Democracy, conducted the event over the course of two days. Lectures and meetings with foreign diplomats and local authorities, such as the one with the councilor, Constantino García Cisneros from Cuajinicuilapa Guerrero took place. The councilor was awarded with the Black Race Mexican Municipality prize.

The second day of activities took place in the city of Cuajinicuilapa Guerrero, where representatives of governments such as Benin, Haiti, Peru, Colombia, Chile and Mexico analyzed issues of interest to African descendants and discussed options for further development and opportunities.

The cultural programme of the event focused on African descendant’s culture; from food to dancing and music.

Marcia Santa Cruz, president of Amigos de la Unesco de Colombia (Colombia´s Unesco friends), noted that the purposes of the African Descendants International Decade are to promote respect, protection and the realization of human rights and fundamental freedoms of African descendants as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


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