Britain has the Highest Number of University Educated Migrants

The country beats the rest of the European Union with the highest number of migrant degree-holders

June 14th, 2016
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With more than half of foreign-born residents in Britain educated to degree level, the country leads the way across the European Union in the percentage of educated migrants per country. Of the 35 regions with the highest share of university-educated foreign residents, only two are outside of the UK - the Bulgarian region hosting the capital, Sofia, and the Romanian capital of Bucharest.

Among the other major players in the EU, Britain is the only one where the migrants are better educated than the locals.

According to figures released by Eurostat, from the above-mentioned 35 regions, all of the top fifteen are in Britain. Four out of the top five regions are in Scotland. Here – in the city of Aberdeen in particular – four in five foreign-born residents have received a higher education.

This is also confirmed by several other statistical measurements. For instance, 95 local areas in Europe - a third of the 280 areas measured - have no foreign-born residents who have not received higher education. Britain is among the countries representing this trend.

However, on the other side of the spectrum, there are certain European countries with high numbers of uneducated migrants such as France and Spain. According to Eurostat, these two EU member states have the highest proportion of uneducated migrants.


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Nora Kelemen, CD News