Call for Abstracts: Zimbabwe International Research Symposium

The Research Council of Zimbabwe continues to organise symposiums in order to promote research and to provide a platform for the dissemination of research results and networking

July 15th, 2016
Maurycy Barański, CD News

The RCZ continues to work to raise attention for the 11th Zimbabwe International Research Symposium (ZIRS), which includes guests from universities, colleges and research institutions in Zimbabwe. The 11th ZIRS will be held on the 16th and 17th  of February 2017, in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe.

The Research Council of Zimbabwe (RCZ) was established in 1986 to promote, direct, supervise and coordinate research. One of the major functions of RCZ is advising the Government on issues to with research for sustainable development. The RCZ also provides an exceptional forum for interaction and discussion for the mutual benefit of Government, academia and industrialists. In addition, it is a convenient conduit for financial and infrastructural support for collaborative research among research institutes and councils.

RCZ’s role is that of a catalyst, having identified broad areas of concern, it consults and brings together relevant experts to define a program of work and to seek out sources of funds. The RCZ establishes and maintains links with professional bodies and centers of excellence to enhance the quality of its role as a facilitator of national and international collaboration. RCZ activities are regulated by the Research Act.

To achieve their goal, the RCZ shall guide, coordinate and promote research activities by: directing relevant quality research and creating knowledge sharing platforms aimed at addressing national development priorities, developing and nurturing a research culture for evidence-based decision making, ensuring ethical, safe, and valid research practices.


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