Canada’s Anniversary Celebrated Through Cultural Countdown

A Canadian Government initiative developed to celebrate Canada's sesquicentennial through a 150-day countdown of cultural events

September 16th, 2016
Borja Rossich Darder, CD News
Canada’s Anniversary.jpg

Starting on the 4th of August, 27 cultural activities to commemorate the anniversary of Canada and delight and inspire its citizens took place across the country, with 123 activities yet to take place.

The activities are wonderful opportunities to learn about Canadian culture, identity and history, as well as to discover its national landmarks and attractions. Canadians will be able to show their pride for their country while taking part in many cultural events, celebrations and commemorations.

Canadian Heritage and CBC/Radio-Canada have joined together to announce the countdown to 2017 across the country, aiming to increase public participation, visibility and awareness of the events. Events include a series of activities, including stunts, group photos, public art, surprise flash mobs and major announcements in cities throughout Canada.

The main objective of the countdown is to highlight a range of activities, from the smallest of community festivals to grand signature events. All those living in or visiting Canada are invited to join the festivities, in order to create a national collection of content that will be shared on the social and digital platforms of Canadian Heritage and CBC/Radio-Canada. People are invited to share their experiences at the anniversary events by simply sharing their stories and showing the community spirit through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.  

This countdown, conceived by the Canadian Government and its Department of Culture, has become a fantastic way to promote Canada’s values, as well as inspire and teach people about its national culture through various activities. This celebration is not only about Canada, but all those living in the country who are part of this dynamic and cosmopolitan jubilee. 


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