CausewayEXchange Festival 2016 – a Cultural Bridge between Singapore and Malaysia

Building closer cultural relationships and understanding between the people of Singapore and Malaysia

September 01st, 2016
Georgi Zografov, CD News

CausewayEXchange (CEX) is the annual multi-disciplinary arts festival and regular platform for mutual understanding, artistic and cultural exchange between Singapore and Malaysia. The festival brings together every kind of artist from Singapore and Malaysia and it attracts many people from both countries. CausewayEXchange Festival was founded in 2010 and since then it is held in one of the two countries each year.

The 7th edition of CausewayEXchange Festival will be held in Singapore between September 1st and 11th 2016. It is organised by DMR Productions and it is closely supported by the RICE Company Limited and Global Cultural Alliance Limited. The festival aims to share and explore new opportunities in the creative and cultural sectors in Malaysia and Singapore. Its goal is also to strengthen the cultural relations between both countries.

The festival plays a role as a cross border platform for representing and exchanging culture and arts between Malaysia and Singapore. The event is a wonderful experience where the artists can make new collaborations and develop new practices. During the festival the audience can enjoy a series of performances, presentations and productions related with art therapy and healing for the body and the mind.

This year’s CausewayEXchange Festival highlights include: An experimental arts exhibition “Arts beyond Sight”, ì held in complete darkness so to allow them to discover and explore the art on a deeper and far more intense level than ever; A discussion of arts, therapy and healing through a series of concerts and talks “Healing through Arts - How powerful medicine are the creative arts?”; A multidisciplinary production called “Tales of the Swordfish”, which will bring together animation, theatre, VJ-ing, puppetry and ‘live’ music.

The cultural relations between Singapore and Malaysia are unique and special due to factors such as geography proximity, common history, politics, ideology, economy and ethnicity. Both countries have special relationship because of their good cooperation and mutual understanding. The role of the cultural exchange between Malaysia and Singapore is crucial in determining the future good relations between the two countries.


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