“Cultural Diplomacy, the Solution for the Middle East”

(Romania, Bucharest; TVR, Channel 1)
May 23rd, 2013

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Watch/read a news article, made by the Romanian TV about the current situation in the Levant area. The International Symposium on Cultural in the Levant (Bucharest, May 23rd - 25th, 2013).

The Levant is an indefinite area which refers to a great part of the Middle East. The people in that region have in common not only the geographical position but also the gastronomy, some traditions and most of all their past. The Levant is facing today some challenges that seem impossible to overcome. Aside the economical, social and ecological problems, armed conflicts have intensified in the region, provoking a situation that might degenerate into a global war, as the scientists prevent.

Mark Donfried: ‘This region, in the context of the actual Syrian crisis, might affect the global business environment. The stability of the entire world hangs on the success of the cooperation in this area”.

The solution that academics propose for solving this situation is peace through cultural diplomacy. They believe that religious values and shared traditions could be used as trust-worthy ambassadors in trying to re-conciliate the people of (not on) the Middle East.

Ivo Slaus: “The scientific pattern seems to be a good one. Let’s not forget that it is in the human interest, as Aristotle once said. We all have, by nature, a desire to know, to understand everything, and let’s try to rely on to this in trying to build a safer zone in which we can live in the future”.

President Emil Constantinescu: “ Our Goal is to get involved in this project not only researchers and scientists but also students, writers, artists, architects (typo) capable to build a platform of knowledge based on collaboration and mutual respect.”

ONU recognizes today the existence of 30-armed conflicts all over the world. Of them all, the Middle East is seen as the most violent place.