Cultural Diplomacy Through Business Diplomacy in Spain and Latin America

Large Spanish corporations are supporting cultural projects in Latin America owing to their growing expansion in the private sector

June 24th, 2016

Large Spanish companies have created the concept of Empreserial Diplomacy between Spanish and Latin American communities. These companies are promoting development programs, art exhibitions, music concerts and study programs. This cultural approach has arisen out of another kind of diplomacy, business diplomacy.

Among the first companies that landed in Latin America when the internationalization process began some two decades ago was BBVA Bank. Last February, the President of BBVA inaugurated a corporate building in Mexico City; the highest skyscraper in the capital and the result of an investment of 600 million euro. This opening was a major event at both the political and cultural levels and was attended by President Peña Nieto, Governor of the Central Bank, Agustin Carstens, the Minister of Finance, Luis Videgaray and the mayor, Miguel Angel Mancera.

Large Spanish companies such as BBVA bank, Santander Bank, Mapfre and Telefónica, through their large revenues, have been able to create their own foundations with the aim of creating exhibitions, scholarships, music concerts and international cooperation programs for the people of both regions.

Among other large Spanish companies, Telefonica Foundation with Fe y Alegría has launched a project in 60 public schools in Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama and Peru, which were suffering from a low quality of education. The name of the project is 'Transforming Schools in Latin America', and it promotes a comprehensive change of schools; favoring the executive management, training teachers in pedagogical processes and involving pupils, their families and the community in improving the institutions. The project is similar to the Fe y Alegria 'System Quality Improvement Faith and Joy', well known in Latin America for its successful implementation.

These are some examples of the many cultural activities which Spanish companies are providing for the people of Latin America. This has led to positive change and will hopefully lead to the further rapprochement of these two communities.


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Carlota Auzmendi, CD News