Europe United through Film in Croatia

Recent film hits promote European united cultural talent in Zagreb

July 20th, 2016
Daniel Erhardt, CD News

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Croatia, together with its corresponding Cultural Club association, has organized the Third European film revue in the capital city as a way to promote this past year’s cinematographic hits made on the continent. In addition, the festival marks the third anniversary of the country joining the EU.

From July 11th till July 17th, a selection of the six most popular European productions from last season’s programs shown in the Metropolis and Grič cinemas of the capital city Zagreb, are being projected at the city’s Tuškanac summer cinema venue. In addition, the Croatian production “Zbog tebe” (“Because of You”) has been premiered at the revue’s opening session.

The preview of the afore-mentioned local production found success in front of a full audience. The comedy-drama tells a succession of intertwined stories of relationships between men and women that aim to answer the question “What is all that you would do for the person you love?”: A chiaroscuro comedy about people, love, stars, guns, elections, faith, stupidity and the Balkans that will be shown in Croatian and worldwide cinemas from September onwards.

Among the other films shown, is the 2015 British film production “Suffragette”, about the movement supporting the fight for women’s rights to vote at the beginning of the 20th century; as well as the 2015 Oscar-nominated drama “Brooklyn”, about the personal experiences of a migrant Irish woman in 1920’s New York, co-produced between Ireland, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Italian film production is represented by the 2014 comedy “I Dolori del Giovane Edo” (“Short Skin”) about the social pressures experienced by a complex teenage boy. The children section of the revue is represented by the 2015 French cartoon film “Le Petit Prince”, a contemporary approach to Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s literary classic. The 2015 German crime thriller “Victoria” presents the dark tones with a story of a Spanish girl getting caught in an unexpected passion and crime web in the Berlin nightlife scene.

Finally, the more independent film scene is represented by the 2015 Lithuanian drama “The Summer of Sangailé”, a story of a girl’s summer overcoming fear in love and discovering a passion for flying, very suitable for the season.

The film revue is organized with the support of the Croatian Multimedia Center and the City of Zagreb. The entry to the projection is free for all viewers keen on discovering these recent European film productions, uniting talent from all over the continent. It is most certainly some of the best proof of the EU’s motto “united in diversity”.


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