“Feel Again Project” promotes Tourism in Ecuador

The documentary is now being broadcasted in Germany

June 15th, 2016
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The “Feel Again” Project is a documentary made by Steve Hänisch about 18 international artists traveling through Ecuador. The Project is part of the campaign “All you need is Ecuador”, promoted by Ministery of Tourism of Ecuador, and it intended to promote the four zones of Galapagos, Coast, Andes, and the Amazon.

The idea of the project was to challenge 18 artists from different fields to travel through Ecuador during the fall of 2015, and get inspired by the local landscapes, nature and culture, so they could create different pieces of art from the experience. The result is a collection of photography, collage, film, composition and painting artworks, made both in small groups and individually.

The artists were separated into four teams (USA, Canada, Germany, and UK) and were assigned one of the zones (Galapos, Coast, Andes and Amazon, respectively). Steve Hänisch was in charge of following the artists and tape their experiences. This lead to the creation of small individual videos for each team.

The final product of the whole project was the different pieces created by the international artists; the short videos of each team; and finally, an 80 minutes documentary, that gathers the spirit of all the trips and how each artist felt them. The documentary is narrated by Steve Hänisch, who is also an experienced travel blogger.

The “Feel Again” was a very successful project, not only locally, but also internationally, matching the expectations of the producers. Recently, the Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany's international broadcaster, has published two videos from this project. The two chosen videos show Ecuador's Mountain, and the experience of going in the “Tren Crucero”, a train cruise rail tour.

The videos were originally made in English, and DW published them on their webpage dubbed in German. The first video, published on the 30th of May, promotes the indigenous markets of the Ecuadorian Andes and the traditional Ecuadorian food one can try in the Tren Crucero. The second video was released on 6th of June, and it's about the culture and nature of the same region.

To know more about this project and access all the videos, visit the website:


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