From Philadelphia the PECO Multicultural Series at Penn’s Landing

Philadelphia is host to the “PECO Multicultural Series” Festival aimed to everyone that wants to celebrate diversity and integration in a multicultural environment

August 09th, 2017
Cristina Raniolo, CD News
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On Sunday, August 20 in Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia organized the event that unified the 14 Caribbean Islands in a celebration focused on music, food and experience that allowed people to feel closer to typical folklore of Islands.


Philadelphia is well-known to be a multicultural land where all the people are mixed in a melting pot that puts together different backgrounds and traditions to achieve a real balance and exchange among everybody. Indeed, this festival represents better than others the idea of developed multi-linguistic context where people can feel comfortable and celebrate concepts of integration and acceptance.

In order to this, the 28th Caribbean Festival to be held in Philadelphia is aimed at both adults and the young and welcomes students of Caribbean natives. It hosts workshops and activities that involve children and families to enjoy different atmospheres.

Marketplace and music offer the right background for the event that wants to become iconic from a multicultural perspective and because of this it is part of a series of events held in Philadelphia, which are all focused on mutual exchange in order to create a common understanding and sense of belonging to the same community although diversities.

The cycle includes the Festival of India that will take place on 12th of August, the Mexican Independence Day Festival on 10th of September, and Brazilian Day Philadelphia on 17th of September.

All these events highlight the responsibility that communities have towards minorities and the way this kind of activities can positively impact on the general mood and on the way people perceive differences.


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