Gastronomic Cultural Collaboration between Carolina Foundation and the Latin American Food Fair

‘’The Carolina Foundation and the Ibero-American Food Fair agree to collaborate to promote gastronomic culture in Latin America’’

August 11th, 2016
Andreea Stretea, CD News

The director of the Carolina Foundation, Jesus Andreu and the President of the Latin American Food Fair (FIBEGA), Roi Correa, have signed an agreement to develop activities for the promotion and dissemination of the Latin American culinary heritage, especially in the fields of culture, health, tourism and education.

The Carolina Foundation is an institution that promotes cultural relations and cooperation in education and science between Spain and the countries of the Latin American Community of Nations and with other countries with special historical, cultural or geographical links. The Foundation is based on the joint participation of both public and private actors in funding, governing bodies and actions.

Both institutions will collaborate in the development of the Global Vision Ibero- American Congress of Gastronomy in the XXI Century under FIBEGA. With a culture and a tradition anchored in gastronomy and an agricultural product and livestock of the highest quality, the Latin American cuisine is privileged. Today it also represents a world reference. In the „Global Vision of Gastronomy in the XXI century" leading speakers and experts in each sector of the economy related to food are invited to participate and share their experiences with the participants.

The Congress will take place on November 21, in the framework of the Ibero-American Food Fair (FIBEGA), held in Merida (Extremadura), Latin American Capital City of Gastronomic Culture in 2016. Each of the experts invited as speakers will make a statement about their field of knowledge; and later, debates, panel discussions and workshops will be held, to draw conclusions and for informing the various governments and institutions about the future of the food industry.

After signing the agreement, which was celebrated in the headquarters of the Carolina Foundation in the presence of Rafael Anson, president of the Latin American Academy of Gastronomy, Jesus Andreu said that this is another step in the integration of the kitchen and gastronomy in the field of knowledge, innovation and scientific research. Gastronomy has always been part of a country’s culture and is now also part of the higher education sector as well as a source of talent, social mobility and leadership.

Meanwhile, Roi Correa stressed that besides being one of the pillars of cultural heritage, gastronomy is an engine of development in the growth of the economy in the Latin American countries.
With FIBEGA 2016 the Latin American cultural offer extends to gastronomy, both in its creative aspect and with regard to the quality and variety of food and drinks, positioning the kitchen and Latin American products among the most important in the world.


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