German-Slovenian Art and Culture at Wolframshof

Slovenian chamber music and art exhibition delighted castle evening visitors

August 10th, 2016
Daniel Erhardt, CD News

The Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra Soloists from Ljubljana and German-Slovenian painter Nadja Zikes were the protagonists of two evenings showcasing Slovenian cultural expression. A highlight of the event was its marking of the inauguration of the Slovenian Cultural Centre in the capital city of Berlin, on behalf of the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia.

The cultural venue was the baroque 17th century Wolframshof Water Castle in the Upper-Palatinate Bavarian municipality of Kastl, in the Tirschenreuth district. The historic noble residence served as the perfect background for the enchanting classical sounds of the Slovenia Philharmonic Orchestra Soloists on Thursday 28th July. The troupe was formed by the violinists Matja Porovne and Mojca Fortin, the violist Nejc Mikolic and the cellist Klemen Hvala.

Their repertoire included an insight into Slovenian classics, as well as an extraordinarily successful and haunting performance of “A Little Night Music” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Works by contemporary Slovenian composer Aldo Kumar, such as the “Istrska Suita”, were also performed. They reflected the familiar, but also somehow stranger sounds that characterize Balkan classical music; brought forward to the German audience by the musicians in a very passionate and temperamental manner.

The insight into the Slovenian musical culture was completed by works of the famous 19th century composer Benjamin Ipavec, such as his “Serenade”, which was acknowledged and enjoyed for the first time by many delighted members of the evening’s cosy 120-people audience.

The following day, Friday 29th July, the acclaimed quartet added musical accompaniment to the opening of the art exhibition “Belle Époque”, featuring paintings by German-Slovenian artist Nadja Zikes. Also present were: the mayor of the Kastl municipality, Josef Etterer; H.E. the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Slovenia to the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Peter H. Voß; and the Head of the Slovenian Cultural Centre at the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Germany, Gregor Jagodi.

The large and gloriously colourful paintings depicting leisure scenes inspired by the exhibition title’s homonymous period built up a very lively and jovial atmosphere among the visitors. The enjoyment was completed by the gastronomic contribution on behalf of Andreas Schießel.

The success of the evening has already led to talks taking place to discuss organizing future similar cultural manifestations focused on Slovenian culture at the castle, which may become a location to further enrich such cultural exchange.

The “Belle Époque” exhibition by Nadja Zikes will remain open every weekend afternoon at the Wolframshof Castle till August 28th. All the funds collected through entrance fees and the quartet’s concert will be entirely donated to the “Friedensdorf International” aid organization, highlighting the charitable as well as cultural contribution which the event makes to society.


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