Germany a Part of Bergman Festival

The German Embassy in Stockholm and the Goethe Institute bring German theatre to Sweden

September 12th, 2016
Ingrida Haringová, CD News

The German Embassy in Stockholm and the Goethe Institute have come together to support Germany as a part of the third Bergman Festival, hosted by the Royal Dramatic Theatre. The festival took place between the end of August and 4th of September. Thanks to this cooperation, visitors had a special chance to see performances performed in German, by German theatre groups.

The festival was established by the Royal Dramatic Theatre in 2009 to highlight contemporary national and international theatre and it presents performances in the spirit of Ingmar Bergman. The festival is a timely celebration of his life and work, attended by many of those who worked with him, and provides a space where they can share their memories and stories of Bergman.

In addition to international guest performances, the festival presented a number of new productions, with the majority of the performances connected to the work of Ingmar Bergman, as a writer and as a theatre and film director.

The festival offered not only theatrical performances, but also concerts, dialogues, discussions, lectures, film screenings, radio theatre and much more.

According to the director of the festival, it served as a meeting place for contemporary theatre across national borders: a place where one was introduced to stimulating and exciting new, international impulses.
Among the guests from Germany were Deutsches Theater Berlin, Schaubühne, and Maxim Gorki Theater.


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