Germany in South Africa through Cinema

The Durban Film Festival brought Germany in the African Spotlight

July 24th, 2017
Ioana Bolboacă, CD News
2017_07_24 Germany in South Africa through Cinema.jpg

On 11th of July, the 38th edition of DIFF captivated the Durban audience with its German focus, featuring several films that covered different important issues of the German history and beyond. Along with the screening of the movies, German actors and directors came to interact with South Africans.


Films like “The People vs. Fritz Bauer”, “Paula”, “Goodbye Berlin” or “Greetings from Fukushima” presented either the aftermath of the World War II. One example is the film “The People vs. Fritz Bauer” about the story of an attorney, Fritz Bauer, who discovered her artistic freedom in a traditional Germany.

All these films gave the opportunities for the African audience become more aware and surpass its cultural comprehension of the world, by enabling a better understanding of German history, culture and people. In addition to having th opportunity to come into contact with the German world, the Africans came into direct contact with artists as well. Some of the main actors of the festival’s movies were there, answering the audience’s questions and offering a deeper insight into the art of cinematography.

Moreover, the director of “Greetings from Fukushima”, Doris Dörrie, came to the festival, being one of the central figures of the German cinematography since her gender comedy “Men” in 1985. Together with her, Christian Schwochow, Petra Epperlein, Karin Steinberger and other directors attended the festival.

Thus, the German cinematography moved to South Africa for a few days, thanks to the support of the Goethe-Institute. It was not just about Germany; it was about increasing a stronger connection among cultures and people, and about moving from national understanding to international communion.


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