Germany, Latin America and Carib come together through a Triangular Cooperation

The German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development has committed to supporting innovative projects in the emerging countries of Latin America

August 11th, 2016
Silvia Muci, CD News

Having been in operation since 2010, the Regional Fund from Germany will be available until 2017. In addition to this, the Training Network in Triangular Cooperation for projects between Latin America, Carib and Germany was created in 2013. So far, it has successfully helped 19 countries with 34 projects, 20 of which are still ongoing.

A triangular cooperation is a collaboration of three partners: an industrialized country forming part of the Development Assistance Committee of the OCDE (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development); a developing country which can be either the second cooperating partner or a beneficiary; and a third beneficiary country.

This represents an upgrade from bilateral cooperation. In recent years, the international relations amongst developing countries have significantly improved. The triangular setting creates a bridge linking the North-South cooperation with the South-South cooperation.

The cooperation has already been involved with projects such as the collaboration of Mexico, Bolivia and Germany to re-use depurated waste-water for the agricultural irrigation in Bolivia. It has also been involved with the strengthening of justice for indigenous people. Germany has collaborated with the Pacific Alliance Countries and Mexico to implement sustainable production and consumption.

Chile and Germany promoted food security in Guatemala and youth employment in rural areas in the Dominican Republic. Germany and Brazil have contributed to the creation of an Environmental Technology Centre in Peru. Last but not least, Costa Rica and Germany involved Morocco in the project of improving sustainable management and the use of forests, watersheds and protected natural areas.

Periodic regional conferences are organized to oversee the situation. The most recent one took place in Santiago de Chile (2015). Before that, there was a conference in Mexico City (2013), and the first one took place in Bogotá (2012). Meanwhile, several regional workshops in El Salvador, Dominican Republic and Guatemala dealt with project management within the framework of triangular cooperation.


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