Hungary Strives For European Togetherness

Hungary’s Past And Future Were Discussed By The Hungarian Consul General During A Recent Lecture in Düsseldorf

October 10th, 2016
Lilla Magyar, CD News

The Hungarian Consul General Mr Balázs Szegner gave a lecture in Düsseldorf on the 19th September to commemorate the anniversary of the Hungarian revolution in 1956. The focus of the lecture was Hungary’s plans for European togetherness and the common political future of European nations.   

During the lecture, which marked the special occaision of the sixtieth anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian revolution, Mr. Szegner dicussed recent domestic developments and labor market reforms in Hungary.  

The well-attended lecture and discussion evening focused on the current upswing of the Hungarian economy and outlined the important role that Budapest plays in the Visegrad Group, the alliance of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

Also discussed were the salient economic and trade relations between Germany and Hungary, as well as Hungary’s ‘pragmatic’ foreign relations with Russia, which are characterized by a high energy dependence, as well as Hungary’s geographic proximity to the hotspot Ukraine.

The evening was rounded off by a discussion of Hungary’s ideas to deal with the European refugee crisis. The country’s exposed position at the European external border must always be taken into account, said Szegner.

A guest of the lecture was the German Council on Foreign Relations; the national network for foreign policy and an independent, non-partisan and non-profit organization which has promoted German foreign policy for 60 years.

Around the world, Hungarian communities living abroad also commemorated the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. In Dusseldorf, the event was celebrated through numerous concerts, cultural programs and exhibitions that were developed through a collaboration of Hungarian artists living in Germany.


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