Ivory Coast’s GDP Keeps Growing

The Economic Situation of the Ivory Coast is Improving

June 01st, 2016

Alain Feler, IMF Resident Representative in the Ivory Coast, expressed his concerns about the future of the African economy. Linfodrome, the Ivorian daily, provides an analysis of Feler, who is particularly pessimistic about Sub-Saharan Africa. According to Feler, the economic growth of the region "has clearly weakened, especially in countries that have been affected by Ebola.

Not only is the economic outlook bleak, but the risks of insecurity in some of the countries are growing. "

Feler’s forecasts are however more optimistic for the Ivory Coast, as the country has experienced strong growth over the previous four years. Nevertheless, he stresses the need for Yamoussoukro to deepen structural reforms, particularly in the financial sector and public expenditure management.

The IMF has promised assistance so that the state can maintain its good results. Provided that this situation persists, Côte d'Ivoire should continue to attract more French citizens, with 15,000 already based in the country.






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Adam Slezak, CD News