Jewish Culture Festival in Poland

‘Singer’s Warsaw Festival’ as an annual celebration of culture

August 29th, 2017
Inez Ponder, CD News

From the 26th of August to the 3rd 2017 of September Grzybowski Square will change into a magnificent, multicultural place with plenty of events for everyone. The event attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year. This is a great opportunity to get up close and personal with a Jewish history and culture.

This year, the Polish-Jewish-American Shalom Foundation is going to arrange about 200 attractions, such as: concerts, film screenings and performances and, in addition, special workshops will be arranged for children. The main purpose of the festival is to promote the rich and vast Jewish culture. In addition, it aims to prove that despite the fact that the nation has been annihilated, the heritage is still alive.

The event takes place not only in a capital of Poland, but also in other towns. Every year Poland hosts a lot of talented musicians from all over the world. The annual festival will be opened this year with an event hosted in the Nożyk synagogue with the most outstanding klezmer bands performing. Performers will focus on the project “Ahava Raba – peace, love, music”, which is in their opinion closely related to Jewish views and customs. The participants will have a chance to see acclaimed Jewish artists like Yaakov Lemmer, Patrick Farrell, Merlin Shepherd, Guy Schalom, Benjy Fox-Rosen and Frank London.

The festival also includes many in theatre plays. Most of them will be held in Jewish and Kwadrat Theatres. This excellent programme includes many manifestations of the Polish-Jewish tradition, such as the presented story: “Kasrylewka Town” written by Sholem Aleichem, or the performance titled “The Big Lottery” directed by Tomasz Szczepaniak, which is arranged in a completely different way than the rest of shows.

The festival of Jewish Culture is an excellent opportunity to both learn more about Jewish history, culture, habits and to have fun. It presents both modern and traditional customs and everyone certainly will find something the matches their specific interests and taste.


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