Lagos Begins Digital Library Project to Promote Culture and Education

Preserve culture, provide tutorial for children and promote local talents are few of the many objectives of the Digital Library

July 26th, 2016
Veronika MecnarowskŠ, CD News

Lagos State Government has commenced its digital library project to provide unlimited access to its residents and to anyone seeking information about the state through the collection of digital contents in online portals. The project will be accessible via Internet connection on a wide range of devices.

The digital library will include, among others: about 1,600 videos covering English, mathematics and natural sciences for all classes; 2,000 study aids in key subject areas from secondary school subject; creatively presented history lessons; vocational learning videos; 1000 research papers from the state tertiary institutions covering a wide range of topics.

The digital library is principally designated to benefit all the state’s inhabitants, but it will be accessible also from all across Nigeria and subsequently worldwide. The Director of the state Quality Assurance Office, Ronkey Soyombo, said that there is nothing as good as ensuring that the children have access to a library even while at home.

“When we talk of the library, it makes learning more fun. We will be looking at children between the ages of zero to six and see how we can use animation to create more fun and add value to their lives, as well as support the teachers to improve on their teaching outcomes” †Soyombo claimed.

First phase of this initiative, labelled “Educate Lagos”, will be launched in January 2017, said the Special Adviser to the Governor on Education, Obefala Bank-Olemoh.

“We want to ensure that whoever you are, you can go to the portal and there will be a lesson teacher waiting; - stated the Special Adviser - people can access research documents and videos. We are going to play on History including Lagos State and Yoruba which is very critical, with a view to promote knowledge of our history and rich cultural heritage.”


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