Literary Contest in Prague Strengthens Cultural Identity

The first “Prague in 100 words” competition, joint action of Visegrad Group, promotes Czech culture and literature in the city

June 30th, 2016
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Prague in 100 words is a story writing competition for those who feel for the city so much that they just want to put in into words, with only one important term: the story can not be longer than 100 words.

The competition started in 2011 in Santiago de Chile. A group of university students had the dream to open a call for urban dwellers and make them write their stories, share their thoughts and feelings about their city.

The aim of the Visegrad Group (an alliance of four Central European states – Czech Republic,Hungary, Poland and Slovakia)  is to organize a literary contest along with art exhibitions, music performances and moderated talks, while engaging the citizens of the Visegrad countries and opening their eyes to the uniqueness of each capital.

The awarding ceremony gives a chance to further discuss the relation between the cities involved and their citizens. The 100 words stories convey strong messages and have a real impact on its writers as well as on its readers.

The beauty of the whole contest is based in its simplicity. The story can be about any subject, even random thoughts snapped while walking on the street are welcomed. What kind of stories, memories, feelings, and impressions do citizens have related to the events, places or people of the city? Everybody, regardless to profession, age, sex or residence have a great opportunity to share feelings about the city they live in.

The project was first launched in the Visegrad Group in the city of Budapest. After 2 successful years in Hungary, other countries of the Group have launched it as well. The project is organised by Mindspace, a non-profit Ltd with the aim to promote emerging initiatives, and is funded by Visegrad Fund, in cooperation with Prague City of Literature.

A small jury selects the best 12 stories. These will be illustrated by local artists and will be exhibited with the purpose to show these art pieces as illustrations of the major places of the city.


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Veronika Mecnarowská, CD News