Michelle Obama Visits Morocco to Plea for Girls’ Schooling

US First Lady promotes the “Let Girls Learn’’ initiative in Morocco, a project dealing with equal education opportunities for girls

June 29th, 2016
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Michelle Obama, accompanied by her mother and her two daughters, landed in Marrakech (Morocco) on June 28th, continuing her tour in Africa to promote schooling for young girls. Before Morocco, the First Lady has sponsored her ‘’Let Girls Learn’’ initiative also in Cape Verde and Liberia.

The initiative was first launched in 2015 both by the US Government and the Presidential Family. Its goal is to help adolescent girls to attain high-quality education and enable them to reach their full potential. Indeed, educating young girls is a key to healthy and thriving communities.

However, more than 62 million girls all around the world do not or cannot attend school, and barriers preventing girls to complete their education are particularly significant. The presidential initiative has already funded projects in more than 33 countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Central America.

Let Girls Learn” as well as Michelle Obama’s tour in Africa show once again the great commitment of the First Lady towards the education of young girls and, more widely, the emancipation of women all around the world. This commitment is probably what people should remember from Michelle Obama’s work during her 8 years as the First Lady of the United States.

During her visit in Liberia, she had the following message for local teenage girls: “I want you to keep on fighting to stay in school. I’m here to point the lights towards you. Go to high school, go to University if you can and once you become the women you want to be, come back here and support other young girls that will need your help’’.

Morocco is a country where middle level schooling for girls living in the countryside is only 57.8 %. The First Lady was received by Morocco’s Princess Lalla Salma and will be joined by the famous American actress Meryl Streep to pursue her plea. Before going back to the USA, Michelle Obama will make one last stop in Spain where she will meet Queen Letizia.  


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