New Homes for Migrants living in Makeshift Camps

France to shift 12.000 migrants across the country

September 19th, 2016
Kamil Kiernozek, CD News

The French government has reportedly made plans to offer shelters to 12.000 migrants in town across France by the end of the year.

According to the document seen by Le Fiago newspaper, the French government has made plans to offer shelter to 12,000 migrants in asylum centres across the country.

"A mobilization scheme has been validated in order to accommodate the migrants from Calais and Paris in shelters across the country," the document said, according to the paper. 

Officials in Paris insisted that the decision was part of a "humane and fair" response to the migrant crisis designed to alleviate the enormous pressure on Calais and its surrounding areas. In a statement, the Interior Ministry said that the French government was "totally committed to a balanced response to the migrant crisis, combining firmness and humanity".

There is already a separate plan to open up two humanitarian camps for thousands migrants in the coming months in Paris. One camp, near Porte de la Chapelle, is due to open by the end of September.

Currently, thousands of migrants live in a lawless “Jungle” camp in Calais, who came to France hoping for better future for themselves and their families. Thousands of tents created a city with people, who will receive better shelters in near future.

The French officials said: "Calais cannot carry the can alone. This problem requires lasting solutions and a national response. As with any final dismantling operation, a rehousing solution must be put forward."

“Any migrants who do not want to apply for asylum in France when the Jungle is razed will be offered the chance of voluntarily returning home or could face forcible removal”, they said.


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