Paris’ Act of Humanity

French capital to open first refugee camp in October to “keep migrants off the streets

September 16th, 2016
Kamil Kiernozek, CD News

Paris will house almost 1000 migrants in two separate camps in the north of the city at an estimated cost of € 6.5 million.

The emergency centre, which will be housed in a former railway depot in the north of Paris, aims to replace the makeshift camps that keep springing up around the city.

The aim is to take asylum seekers off the streets while they wait for a place in a refugee hostel. The camp will be extended to house 600 men by the end of the year.

A second 350-bed centre for women and children only, "who required a lot more accompaniment" will be opened in Ivry-sur-Seine to the southeast of Paris by the end of the year, she added.

The Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo announced: “This centre for refugees is a first in Europe, because we are in the heart of a dense city, the heart of Paris. We are taking action with a clear mind and without any naivety, but we’re acting with humanity and that is our job”

The conditions for migrants in Calais and elsewhere are often shocking with little or no facilities available to them. Some expected more help from France including Sudanese refugee, Mutwakil Ali who said: “When I came from Italy, in my mind, I think there is some camp, and some good things like that, some camp, and good place for sleeping, and clean water, clean life, like that, and clean toilets. But there is nothing. We’re doing anything in the street.”

Although France has been less affected by the migrant crisis than neighboring Germany, the numbers are growing. Many migrants come to France hoping for a way to reach Britain. Earlier this month campaigners urged them to accept 400 children from Calais as they are suffering food shortages.



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