Peruvian Festival Brings Latin Music to Newark

San Francisco was the center of the celebration

July 25th, 2016
Carla Merayo, CD News

The event is mainly focused on featuring stellar acts from across Latin America, including Peru´s Bareto which is an alt-cumbia band from Lima´s vibrant underground scene, and the Colombian artist Jorge Villamizar, who won the Grammy six times and also gained big fame in his country back in the 90´s. As well, another stellar performances at the Festival was given by Puerto Rican Salsa romántica icon Jerry Rivera.

The festival took place during the hot and sunny summer weather in Newark´s Swiss Park. The last time Bareto performed in the Bay area was in the year 2013. Recently, the band released its number five album titled “Impredecible”. One track from "Impredecible" that has received particular attention is "El Loco," featuring Afro-Peruvian star Susana Baca as a guest. The band draws inspiration for its songs from the members’ Peruvian roots.

“Besides Mexico, if you do just one country, you might draw hundreds of people," Barrenechea says. "But if you want to do thousands, you need to put everybody there, Peruvians, Venezuelans, Colombians. And with Jerry Rivera, one of the most popular salseros, everybody will have fun, eat, and dance and drink."
Tickets for the festival can be purchased at different offices or by accessing the website of the event.


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