President Xi of China supports Serbia’s EU Bid

Chinese President Xi Jinping Says Beijing Wants to Deepen its Relations with Serbia

June 20th, 2016

After meeting with Serbian President Tomislav Nikolc on June 18th, President Xi has expressed his aspiration for China to have Serbia as an allied partner. President Xi stated that the development of bilateral relations between China and Serbia was based on “big projects”.

Serbia holds an important position in China’s long-term plan to deepen trade relations and open new markets.

President Xi signed a strategic partnership declaration with President Tomislab Nikolic drawing 21 deals and memorandums focusing on economy, energy, infastructure, defense, culture and media.

Serbia has enjoyed good relations with China since the 1990s after Serbia was economically isolated by the West for its role in the Balkan War following the breakup of Yugoslavia. China has invested more than $1 billion in Serbia since 2009.

As for the public decleration of support for Serbia’s bid to join the European Union, President Xi said that the expansion of the European Union will prove beneficial to China.



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Cristina Stoica, CD News