RefuFest Multicultural Festival in Prague

“Without fears and prejudices - Prague as cosmopolitan city”

May 30th, 2016

Refufest creates a space where people from all around the world can meet and share their experiences and cultures. Through music, theatre, dance and taste sensations, visitors of Refufest are given the opportunity to become familiar with other cultures and in this way to learn from one another.

The purpose of this festival is to promote the integration of foreigners into Czech society and to discourage the walls that prejudices can build between people. This event focuses on welcoming all foreigners and shows that they can be positive part of Czech society. Also one of the main purposes is to show that the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, is not anymore a homogenous city but it is slowly becoming a cosmopolitan centre, where people of different religious and national background live together.

The festival will take place already 11th time this year. Every community will be presenting its culture, food and traditions. There will be different workshops and dance and music performances. This year, the festival is particularly focusing on refugees. With topical discussions and workshops the organizers want to manifest solidarity with refugees.

The festival is organized by the association InBaze, a community of people with the purpose to help immigrants and their families to integrate in the Czech Republic. They are trying to create a safe open space for the Czech public and migrants to meet, collaborate and enhance their mutual understanding of each other.

This festival offers a possibility to look beyond the stereotypes and to celebrate together how diversity benefits society. 


Cultural Diplomacy News
Veronika Mecnarowska, CD News