RWE Foundation Invites Artist to Carry Out Energy Projects

Over the last 6 years, RWE has been supporting artists and providing society with a new way of looking at energy

June 22nd, 2016

RWE Generation is currently one of the leading power generation companies in Europe, employing around 14,000 people at 79 different locations. In addition to the functioning of the energy system, the company also prioritises art and cultural diversity.

The RWE Foundation for Energy and the Community was founded in 2009. Since then it has directed most of its efforts towards projects in the areas of education, acceptance and innovation. However, its focus is not exclusively on the scientific and technical dimension of energy but also takes into account the non-technical and social dimensions. The work in this area relates to the promotion of perspectives and artistic innovations that exert a positive influence on the ability of a society to move in a positive direction. This includes assisting young people from disadvantaged environments in strengthening their skills.

For example, one of its objectives is to develop projects in the area of education based on the RWE Energy Education Study. For this reason, the RWE Foundation commissioned the Leibnitz Institute for Education in Natural Sciences and Mathematics to carry out this study involving a survey of around 1000 young people and 500 teachers in 2012. The results of the study were intended to form the basis for developing recommendations for action at the RWE Foundation. Another example of a successful project is the “Artist in Residence” programme VISIT. This programme invites artists to carry out projects with some reference to RWE, focussing on the topic of energy and its social relevance.

Each year, two young artists are awarded a grant and this gives them the scope to engage with the topic of energy in their own way. Of course, offices and power plants are not where we could expect to see a graphic artist at work but RWE has demonstrated that artists can also find a scope for their activities at such locations. VISIT provides employees with not only a new view of their work environment but also will have an external impact and provide society with new way of looking at energy. For 2017, the Foundation is looking for two candidates. Applications are open NOW!

Over the years, RWE has amassed a collection encompassing a large number of artworks. They enrich the foyer, the meeting halls and the conference rooms at the different sites. Art in the company is more than just about sponsorship and decoration. The Artist’s approach to issues and problems are often expressed in their works.

In addition, RWE has been the partner of the Folkwang Museum for more than 10 years. A close partnership with Konzerthaus Dortmund lead to the strengthening of Dortmund as a cultural centre and put sophisticated music projects into practise. The geographical focus of the foundation is in North-Rhine Westphalia, the RWE’s home state. However, it also promotes national and European projects.


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