Selfie Diplomacy Between Mexico and the USA

Mexican artist’s sculptures of wings are uniting Mexican’s and Americans, allowing them to ‘fly’ over political obstacles

July 15th, 2016
Vojtech Jirasek, CD News

The sculpture of wings is uniting people on both sides of a wall which has been created by politicians and which divides the USA and Mexico. Using selfies, a medium widely accessible and understood, is helping to spread the message.

Jorge Martin, a well-known artist in Mexico, is famous for his statues of men with wings. His takes inspiration on the one hand from numerous historical examples of imagery of the ‘man-bird’, and on the other hand his belief in the greatness of man and his ability to attain perfection.

Citizens of Mexico City and Denver can stand in front of his identical sculptures of wings and imagine they possess the ability to fly. They can rise, metaphorically, over the issues currently dividing the countries, such as immigration.

While people take photos of themselves in front of the wings, they pull similar faces, figures and stances in both countries, proving that we are all the same people with a common desire to fly. This desire unites us irrespective of where we come from, irrespective of skin colour, and irrespective of what god we believe in.


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