Sorolla Exhibition - Notes in the Sand

La Caixa Foundation presents this exhibition of the Valencian painter to bring art to people in Spain

June 22nd, 2016

La Caixa, Spain’s third largest financial institution, displays this important exhibition of the Spanish painter to disclose the unknown work behind his major pieces, currently inside the Sorolla Museum. La CaixaForum in Girona will host the collection from June 23rd to October 2nd.

La Caxia Foundation contributes to the development of the community through different types of activities and projects, each dealing with different objectives. The Cultural program of the Foundation “aims to bring art, music, theatre or humanities to all types of public, turning culture into an instrument of personal growth and social integration”.

Through this exhibition in Girona the Foundation reveals the breadth of one facet in the production of the impressionist Valencian painter still quite unknown, and always considered as a mere support for the study of specific works of his paintings.

From his impressionist influences, Sorolla relentlessly observed nature and spent hours looking for ways to capture it in all its states. He exploited all the possibilities offered by different gradations of light, generating different perceptions of the same colors, reflections and transparencies.

Joaquin Sorolla felt genuine passion for painting and the sea. The drawings and preparatory sketches he made are undoubtedly essential to deepen the knowledge of his artwork, both as part of his creative process as well as an artistic expression of his own personality. This exhibition traces the evolution of his work and the relevance of the sea and the beach in his paintings and in his own life.

The visit to the exhibition is led by an educator, who dialogues with the participants and presents the works as well as their context, stimulating observation skills. With more than 100 works, Sorolla-Notes on the Sand is regarded as the first major exhibition of Joaquín Sorolla that aims to provide a critical and analytical discourse to the aesthetic appeal of these small works on paper.


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