The 4th of July Celebrated Around the World

America's Independence Day was celebrated in several countries across the world

July 05th, 2016
Andreea Stretea, CD News

America's Independence Day is a reason for celebration, not only in the U.S., but all across the world. The Fourth of July celebration is the perfect opportunity for cultural activities, intercultural events, and for non-American countries to experience the traditions, food and culture of the U.S. The following is a list of places around the world where the 4th of July was celebrated.

Oslo, Norway. The American Coordinating Council of Norway (ACCN), whose main objective is ''furthering Norwegian-American relations in Norway and strengthening the bonds between Norway and the United States,'' has organised the biggest American Independence Day celebration outside of America. This year was not a disappointment as there were fabulous prizes, fantastic BBQ food and Street Car events with a wonderful collection of cars, music and of course fireworks.

London, England. London hosts one of the biggest Independence Day celebration events. One could sip champagne at founding father Benjamin Franklin’s British home, or if you prefer a less posh atmosphere you could stop by the city's American Beer Fest to enjoy a mechanical bull, folk music and an all-American BBQ.

Shanghai, China. A Texan theme makes these U.S. celebrations the biggest and boldest with a kick of signature southwest attitude. Line dancing, barbecue and beer are lined up with a grand finale of what China does best, fireworks.

Paris, France. The Independence Day Summer Party hosted by Expats Paris was the place to be. The event announcement encourages attendees to "throw on your best American flag-inspired outfit" for some "stellar drinks and free finger food". If not, try visiting Harry's New York Bar. This watering hole invented two American favourites, the sidecar and the bloody Mary, and is the locale where composer George Gershwin wrote "An American in Paris".

Philippines. The Philippines have put a twist on the holiday to make it their own. The July 4 is Filipino-American Friendship Day, commemorating the official U.S. recognition of Philippine independence.

Celebrating the 4th of July has become a big cultural event, not only for American natives, but also for those of other cultures, from all over the world. As a consequence of globalisation, the barrier between countries became practically non-existent and everybody is now free to interact with different cultures, habits, traditions etc. Therefore, the 4th of July celebration was the perfect opportunity for intercultural events, and for strengthening relations between nations.

These types of events are the ones that help nations to better understand each other and also to accept and embrace the differences between them. Therefore, the Independence Day celebrations connected countries, culturally speaking, and brought them together as a whole.


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