The American professor Angela Flury presents her Book “Berlin Cards & Crimes”

Berlin neighbourhood seen by the eyes of the writer that addresses all the shades of Berlin, a journey through beauty and fascination

August 07th, 2017
Cristina Raniolo, CD News
2017_08_07 Berlin Cards & Crimes.jpg

On the 10th of August, the writer and professor Angela Flury will present her debut novel « Berlin Cards & Crimes » at Somos Art Project Space in Berlin, in order to involve people in the way she perceives the multicultural berlinese context she lives in.


An interesting overview of Berlin, including its beauty, weaknesses and virtues that makes that place the centre of multicultural life. The book addresses different stories from neighbourhood in order to show alternative aspects that affect the ordinary life.

Angela Flury is an American writer, educator and professor, graduated at the University of California and nowadays she is an associated professor in the English department at DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana, USA. Her passion and interest in world literature and translations make her one of the more influent persons of the literature landscape.

Furthermore she focused her work to multilingual realities and at SomoS she dedicates her time to creative writing and to her courses. The Multilingual context she deals with inspired her work and has allowed her to write this collection in a very original way.

This event represents a good chance for people who love Berlin and literature to enjoy a moment of reflection and relax, hearing selections from her books being read Angela Flury, herself. Chapter after chapter going through the Berlinese atmosphere, she will guide us in the stories of people such as she perceives them.


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