The Czech Republic will for the First Time Invest in Korea

The Czech Republic is bringing one of its most famous export articles to Korea - beer

September 16th, 2016
Ingrida Haringová, CD News

Czech company Gold of Prague is to be the first direct investor from the Czech republic in Korea. The company invests in building a new microbrewery and later on, in the south, into building a new brewery. Beer from the microbrewery will already be available for buying at the end of September.

Up until now Czech investment companies have not invested in Korea directly. To set the example, Czech firm Gold of Prague have decided to directly invest into building a brewery. The Czech Republic has a long tradition of brewing beer and it is one of the most famous export articles, known around the world for its quality.

The microbrewery will be built in the city of Busan and the brewery will be built in the investment zone FOODPOLIS in the South.

The beer which is going to be made in Korea is called “Praha 993”. The name is based on the year when the beer was first time made in the Czech Republic. It was in Prague, in Břevnovský klášter - Břevnov monastery.

Břevnov monastery, founded by Saint Adalbert in 993, is a Benedictine archabbey in Prague. It is the first Benedictine male monastery in Bohemia, with the oldest tradition of brewing beer in the Czech republic, and beer is brewed there even today. It is brewed according to the similar recipe and this recipe will be used for brewery in Korea as well.

Two Czech brewers will take care of the brewing and all the materials will be delivered by a Czech firm. Together with the special old recipe, Koreans can enjoy fresh Czech beer at any time.

The company Gold of Prague plans to export the beer to the region, thanks to the strategic Korean location. Thanks to the first ever investment people of Korea and the region can enjoy this liquid cultural heritage of the Czech republic. 


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