The Internationalization of Chile Through the Medium of Music

Chile is using the Fluvial Festival to present its independent music industry, in order to promote the internationalization of the country

September 12th, 2016
Andrea Stretea, CD News

Creative music labels in Chile, born often as small private initiatives, are becoming increasingly professional. Many also seek success in European countries and have been well received there.  One example of Chilean music in Europe include the “Primavera Sound” Festival, held in early June in Barcelona. The “Fluvial” music festival, a trademark of the Chilean creative industry, will be held between 1st and 3rd of December in Valdivia, Los Rios Region, Chile.

IMI Chile is the first trade association that gathers the independent sector of Chilean music. Amongst its partners are record labels, promoters and distributors, which together have the largest repertoire of Chilean independent music. The aim of IMI Chile is to contribute to the development of the independent music industry by working in partnership and cooperation to encourage the production, promotion, marketing and export of phonographic productions.

Fluvial is a conference and music festival to be held between 1st and 3rd December 2016 in the city of Valdivia, capital of the Los Rios region in Chile. It is an official activity of "Valdivia, American Cultural Capital 2016" that seeks to establish a space that will bring together artists and actors in the musical and creative industry from around the world. It also allows for networking between national and international guests. Amongst the participants at the festival are various international guests and delegations attending with their national bands, organizing panels and taking part in the networking activities.

The main activities of the festival include more than 20 live concerts, lectures and panels by national and internationals guests, meetings with national and international guests, networking activities and training activities for students.

The national and international delegations will consist of festival and concert halls developers, booking agencies, record labels, promoters and distribution platforms, digital aggregators, event planners, public and private institutions, media, Music Universities and music supervisors, among others.

The festival will be held in Valdivia, a university city, with several academic and scientific initiatives that are directly connected to its inhabitants and landscape. The Austral University of Chile, the city’s main University together with Cecs Center for Scientific Studies, are important partners of Fluvial.

Fluvial considers the cultural landscape and the city itself to be amongst some of the key attractions of the event. The festival has a policy of respect and protection towards the city, whether in terms of interaction with public spaces and landscapes, or in the events and activities themselves. Activities that promote education, respect for the ecosystem and responsible waste management.


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