The Relevance of Marrakech Popular Art Festival in Cultural Diplomacy

This multi-day festival strengthens intercultural ties, tolerance and friendship between cultures and people

July 05th, 2016

The Popular Arts Festival is one of the most celebrated events in Morocco, it brings people together to share experiences and exchange cultural information. It has an important relevance in cultural diplomacy, highlighting the values of openness, understanding and tolerance.

It takes place in Marrakech, during the whole month of July. The aim of the festival is firstly to highlight the Moroccan cultural heritage and also to provide its promotion worldwide.

This popular festival attracts people from all around the world who come to enjoy the traditional folk musicians, dancers, story tellers, acrobats and other performance artists who delight everybody with their fascinating culture which is presented through music and art.

Art and music is an important tool for crossing cultural barriers and promoting inter-cultural dialogue, because they appeal to human senses and emotions. This festival uses them to raise awareness and an understanding of Moroccan culture and tradition abroad.

The main events take place in the ruins of the 16 century Badi Palace and the Djemma el Fna which is located in the main town square. Outside the city walls at night, is the “Fantasia”, a horse-riding spectacle that contains hundreds of charging horsemen, wearing traditional clothing.

This festival is a strong example of cultural diplomacy because it attracts many foreign visitors from many countries and in this way it opens a dialogue between cultures. It has an important relevance because it creates a space for encounters and dialogue and reinforces relations between Moroccan and international citizens.

Taking part in this festival ensures that you will enjoy Moroccan culture but it also serves as a vehicle to strengthen intercultural relations.


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