Togo’s New Law Protects Artists

The text aims to provide a legislative frame in order to foster the country’s artistic and cultural potential

July 04th, 2016

June 14th,  2016 - The Parliament of Togo unanimously voted a law creating the status of artists in the country. Within the text, Togo acknowledges the importance of the artistic world in the promotion of Togo’s culture.

According to the Minister of Culture Guy Lorenzo, the law seeks to “make culture a factor strengthening identity and national cohesion, but also an economic and social tool for job creation and income source”.

It is too often than African artists struggle to make ends meet. Therefore, the new law gives full recognition to the artists’ work. As well, it provides an assistance system and the creation of social protection mechanism, which should greatly benefit the artists. The new law will permit Togolese culture to develop and professionalize so it can shine beyond its borders even more.
The Ministry of Culture said, "This day will be marked with a special seal, because we have to give these key players in our country a status that gives them the means and ability to do better what they already do in a very appreciable manner."

For MP Padumhekou Tchao, “culture is a source of growth and employment. The economic and social evolution of our country must benefit to all”. MP Tchao, who is the leader of the UNIR group in the Parliament, successfully called all its colleagues to vote for the law.

Claudy Siar, a reporter for RFI who was invited to the parliament to witness the vote said, “I witnessed an extraordinary and historical moment”,


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Gaspard Fontaine, CD News