Japanese Festival Held in Wellington, New Zealand

The festival was a time for celebrating the relationship between the two countries

November 30th, 2016
Dominika Vozarova, CD News
Japanese festival in Wellington.jpg

The Embassy of Japan, in cooperation with Wellington City Council and Asia New Zealand Foundation, held a celebration of Japanese culture and business.

This extremely popular Japanese-themed festival, held every two years in Wellington, celebrated the relationship between New Zealand and Japan by bringing various Japanese culture and business related events to the city. The festival featured a variety of cultural performances and displays, including traditional art, music, dance, calligraphy, flower arrangement, tea ceremonies, martial arts and an exhibition of eco-friendly Japanese cars. It is also notable that the 43rd Joint Meeting of Japan New Zealand Business Council took place between 23rd and 25th.

The Japan Festival Day kicked off with a night of Japanese cultural entertainment at the Soundings Theatre, Tepapa National Museum from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. The Embassy of Japan, the Asia New Zealand Foundation and the Wellington City Council brought Wellington a free show featuring 3 spectacular acts from Japan, ventriloquist - Showko, Kendama duo - Zuoomadanke, and Japanese singer – Aki Tsubaki.

On the Festival Day 26th November, there were many food stalls selling an array of Japanese food. It was a great opportunity to experience a variety of Japanese culture under one roof. A highlight of the stage performances was the well-known Japanese Kendama duo Zoomadanke performed in many countries. They were invited under a Japan Foundation grant to share their unique method of mixing their own style of modern dancing with a traditional Japanese toy - Kendama.


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