Amb. Maria Beatriz Souviron (Ambassador of Bolivia toin the United Kingdom)

25.08.2011 - Interview conducted by Shamara Wettimuny

Good Afternoon and thank you for speaking to us today.

Q. How relevant do you think art is as an accessible form of cultural diplomacy?

A.  I think art is an important form of cultural diplomacy. The exchange of the natural and original art of a country and the understanding of it can be seen as a large part of cultural diplomacy.

Q. How do you think the art exchange can foster and/or encourage future multiculturalism

A. I think it helps people to understand each other and respect each other’s cultures. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to accept or agree with other cultural uses but it is the respect which is a key/important part of Cultural Diplomacy.

Q. Do you have any opinions on the use of cultural diplomacy in international relation and inter-cultural relations?

A. I think it is a new concept actually it is a form of diplomacy that carries a set of new ideas into the field of diplomacy where culture is a commodity to improve the economy of a country as well as a way to make other understand and have a more accurate few of your own culture.

Thank you very much!